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Social networking sites as a recruitment tool: help or hype?

Have job sites and social networking sites made recruitment easier, faster or cheaper?

There are two ways to consider this question: from the jobseeker’s point of view and from the recruiter’s point of view.

Let’s start with the jobseeker. Until a few short years ago, the only way a jobseeker could hope to have his CV (and therefore availability to change jobs) discovered by potential employers was to register with recruitment consultants. The advent of the internet and the jobsites that came into existence changed this – now jobseekers could upload their CVs online and employers anywhere could search through these for a small fee. Social networking sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook made it even easier for jobseekers to be found – now not only could they upload their CV online and wait for it to be found, they could directly approach potential employers or spread the word that they are on the look-out for a change.

So from a jobseeker’s point of view, it would appear that job sites and social networking have indeed made searching for a job a much easier process than it was just a few years ago, but is this really the case in practice? Now suddenly jobseekers find themselves competing with many more candidates for the same positions. It is not unusual for jobseekers to send out several hundred applications and only get invited to one or two interviews. So whilst jobseekers are more aware of what jobs are actually available and employers find it easier to identify jobseekers, these gains are made by all jobseekers which ultimately makes landing that dream job that much harder as far as each individual is concerned.

What about from the recruiter’s point of view? Let’s list the steps involved in a recruitment process:

Step 1: Identify pool of candidates;

Step 2: Initial CV screening;

Step 3: Series of interviews with shortlisted candidates, reducing pool size at each stage;

Step 4: Offer job + negotiate terms

If you think about it, CV databases and social networking sites can only actually help with the first step in the process. They only really help by making the pool of potential candidates bigger and therefore actually make the second step even harder than it was before. There is absolutely no effect on the third and fourth steps.

You might hear stories about how social networking made recruitment easier, but I can assure you these are just one-off exceptions. “I posted my requirement on LinkedIn and found the right guy in 2 days!” Wonderful! 20 years ago you’d hear people saying that they went to a party and happened to meet the perfect candidate for a vacancy they had. Did they then go around saying that parties have revolutionised recruitment? No, of course not!

Whichever way you look at it, job sites and social networking sites have not made recruitment any easier or cheaper or faster. Somebody somewhere, be it a line manager, an HR manager or a recruitment consultant has to put significant time and effort into the recruitment process and this cannot be replaced by technology.

Not yet, anyway.



First appeared in Vashi Times Jobs & Career on July 2nd, 2011

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  1. Lauren
    July 13, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Finally! Someone who speaks the truth!

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